Plug-in Devices

Plug-in devices such as home electronics and small appliances are responsible for an estimated 15 – 30 percent of a home’s total electricity usage, according to a new study recently completed by the Energy Center of Wisconsin (ECW).

The study concluded that the average home could save 3 – 6 percent on their utility bill by managing the energy use of plug-in devices. The ECW report recommends numerous ways to reduce energy used by common household energy thieves including:

  • Enable the power management feature on your computer. This feature will shut down the hard disk and monitor after a set time of non-use and will reduce its standby energy draw to almost zero.

  • Manually unplug devices or use a switched power strip. Devices such as compact stereos, television sets, VCRs and VCR/DVD combination players can use energy even when they are turned off.

  • Turn off unused devices. Appliances such as dehumidifiers and space heaters are only necessary in the appropriate season. Take a look around your home and shut off and unplug any unused appliances.
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