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Algoma Utilities has issued a updated Running Water Order

Date: 2/12/2014


Effective immediately and until further notice, the City of Algoma Utilities is requiring that all customers connected to the municipal water system continue to run their cold water in a steady stream, at least the size of a pencil, at one faucet in their home or business.  Water dripping is not sufficient; the water needs to be running at a steady flow.  Water needs to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even if you are not home. 

Please do not discontinue running water until you are notified by the Utility. The water needs to continue running when the temperatures warm. The frost will remain in the ground for several more months and will continue to cause potential freezing of your water service. The Utility will issue a notice when we no longer require the water to run.

This measure will assist in preventing freezing of your water lateral. Any costs due to failing to comply with this notice will be the responsibility of the property owner.

These measures need to occur due to the cold weather driving the frost deeper into the ground than normal. Adjustments to your utility bill will be made to account for the additional consumption that will occur.

Any questions regarding these requirements can be directed to General Manager, Richard Riederer at 920-487-5556 or after business hours at 920-255-0781.