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Utility Scams Catch Customers Off Guard

These scams take advantage of business owners by calling them at busy times. In other instances, scammers target residential customers, claiming that the household is behind on its electricity bill and needs to pay up now, or that a meter is malfunctioning and could put people at risk.

Please keep the following tips in mind and share them with others:

  • The utility will not demand immediate payment over the phone. Customers receive a disconnection notice well before action is taken.
  • Customers need not provide personal financial information over the phone – such as a checking or credit card account number or a Social Security number – to enroll in any kind of program or pay off a balance.
  • The utility does not ask that customers make payments to purchase or repair electric meters.
  • Scammers have many ways to make their calls seem legitimate. For example, they often program the Caller ID function so that the call appears to originate from the utility’s area code.

 If in doubt, hang up and call us at 920-487-5556.