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Captain Wattage Visits Algoma

Algoma Utilities presented Captain Wattage in area schools this spring. Captain Wattage, hero of everything to do with energy, learns that the city is in danger. It seems that Vivica Voltage, wasteress supreme, is leaving lights on all over the city. Not only that, but she is also using electricity dangerously!

With the help of a volunteer sidekick, Captain Wattage sets off to stop Vivica. But soon, Vivica Voltage steals Captain Wattage’s secret helmet of knowledge – the source of his super smarts.

Captain Wattage is a production of the Minneapolis-based National Theatre for Children and the tour is coordinated by our power supplier, WPPI Energy. NTC is a live theatre troupe dedicated to educating young people about the importance of energy conservation, renewable energy and electrical safety.

Captain Wattage was performed at St. Paul's School, St. Mary's School and the Algoma Elementary on May 11 & 14, 2009